A Tribute

This week we lost someone who dedicated the better part of her life to helping homeless animals find their forever homes. Cindy Bravender founded the animal rescue group Animal Aid over thirty years ago, and in those years she rescued and re-homed countless pets that otherwise might have never enjoyed the love and care they deserve. While Cindy sought to offer an alternative to animal shelters by providing foster homes for those pets, her mission was not to criticize nor condemn but to educate us all to be better and more responsible pet owners. She was a tireless advocate, donating her time and efforts to raising funds for Animal Aid and caring for the animals she loved. I knew Cindy from those efforts and because we attended the same church. She sat across from where we always sit, and I will miss seeing her there and talking with her whenever we’d meet up somewhere. My heart goes out to her family and the friends she worked so closely with in Animal Aid. Cindy is gone too soon but she leaves behind a legacy of love and caring, and she made the world a better place. She made a difference. In the end, that is what we all hope to do. Thinking of all the people and animals she helped, I am sure many of them were waiting to help escort Cindy to her forever home.

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3 Comments on “A Tribute”

  1. dmburton72 Says:

    She sounds like a great person.

  2. Your loss of a good person in your life gains my sympathy. Supposedly the world needs 1,000 to keep us moving to the next new day.

  3. Nice tribute, Lucy. Sounds like a wonderful lady.

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