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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2012

Since we are just a few hours away from seeing ghosts and goblins on our doorsteps, here are a few quick tips to make sure your pets have a safe and Happy Halloween.

1)If your dog enjoys the festivities and will be going along with the trick or treaters, make sure he’s wearing his leash, collar and I.D. tag as well as something reflective to also be visible to motorists.

2)If not joining in, it’s probably best to walk your dog before the fun begins. Many dogs do not like costumes and masks, so avoiding them is a good idea.

3)A dog that is highly excitable is best kept inside on Halloween night, preferably in a room with a radio or TV playing and perhaps a nice chewy bone to keep him busy. Don’t jeopardize the dog’s safety or that of a child by allowing him to run free.

4)Keep all sweet treats, especially chocolate, out of your pets’ reach. Do give them some of their own treats so they don’t feel left out.

5)Make certain your cats are safe and don’t fall victim to cruel pranks. Cats like our friend Zombie here need to be┬ákept out of harm’s way, so please don’t let them roam away from home.

With a little pre-planning and caution, Halloween can be a fun night for all. Enjoy!