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Those Darn Cats

August 21, 2013



By Zeke Kubash

 August is half over already, and it’s been a busy summer for this Jack Russell. As usual, I’ve done my best to keep the squirrels and bunnies on the run, especially when they visit the bird feeders. After all, I am saving Mom some dollars when I don’t let those critters hog all that expensive bird seed. My favorite thing to do when chasing those troublesome squirrels is to run along when they’re doing their high wire act, waiting and hoping one of them will fall. It hasn’t happened yet. The bunny likes to visit under cover of darkness, and he’s pretty good at finding that spot where he wiggles under the fence to escape. But I’ve given him a good run for his money a few times. My sister Foo Foo is a faithful companion who often helps me in the chase but sometimes just stands on the porch and cheers me on. She’s a good little cheerleader, that Foo Foo.

I guess the thing that keeps me the most on my toes is the cats are back. Yes, Zombie and Sandwich, those two irascible rascals, have come to stay at our house for a while (perhaps a long while) and it’s given Foo and I a new responsibility—keeping them in line. You see, Foo and I both grew up knowing only one other cat in our lives, Spider, and to put it mildly, he doesn’t and never did get around much. He’s one of those cats that just like to hang out and visit his food dish and lay on Dad’s shoes when he’s not wearing them. He’s caught a few mice in his time, but that’s been some time ago. At his age, I’m not sure he could move fast enough to catch one anymore. These other two guys are something else. They want to be in on everything that is going on, be it Mom cleaning house or working at her computer or Dad reading the newspaper or watching TV. They want to watch the water go down the drain, for Pete’s sake! They want to “help” with whatever is happening, run up and down the stairs, back and forth through the house, sneak out into the garage, and then crash with whoever is sitting at the moment. Foo and I have found it necessary to become snitches, if you will, and let Mom know when something inappropriate is going on.  It’s a tough job but we’re up to it, and the guys do provide some amusement when we are otherwise stuck in the house.

You might remember that Sandwich is a bit disabled with only three legs, but you’d never know it by the way he races around the place. He does move rather like an inchworm, though, and can curl up in some small spots. I guess Sandwich was a good name for him, because he can “sandwich” himself in just about anywhere. Zombie wants attention, now, this minute, and all the time. He has become Mom’s new little buddy, or should I say pest? Both cats like to sit in the window sill and watch what’s happening outside. I’m sure if they could help us chase those pesky squirrels they’d be glad to do it, but Mom says the guys are safer staying in the house. She knows she’d have a hard time catching them if they did get out.

So summer is racing by and the days are getting shorter, but for Zeke the Jack Russell life is never boring and it’s always on to the next adventure.