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Never a Dull Moment

September 25, 2014

When I was growing up, cats were hardly ever allowed in our house. Since we lived in the country, they were kept as mousers in the barn and I can’t really recall ever having one as a pet. Maybe that was because, as outside cats, they unfortunately didn’t have very long lifespans.
Fast forward to the time when suddenly cats wandered in from seemingly nowhere or were dropped off at our house by people who no longer wanted them. We cared for the ones we could, others we took to the humane society. It was always sad to have to do that, but it was better than leaving them to wander about the countryside. Then there were the kittens brought home by my kids when the strays stopped showing up. One of them produced a litter of six kittens when we didn’t have her spayed in time and she managed to escape to answer nature’s call. We were able to find good homes for them all, but that was the last time any of our cats multiplied. Not wanting to add to the cat overpopulation in the world, we made sure to have them spayed or neutered as soon as they were old enough. It really did seem to be the best way to make sure they lived longer, healthier lives. It also made them much pleasanter pets to have around the house.
The cats we have now were all rescues in one way or another. Spider was a shelter kitten who came to us as a skinny youngster. He is now going on 15 and it’s easy to tell that his favorite time of day is dinnertime and that dinnertime should be all day long. He’s never been outside much (except inside the fence he’s too old and creaky to climb) and if he’s not eating he’s probably napping. In spite of his love of food, he’s managed to live longer than any of the other pets that we had when he first came to live with us. He’s repaid us by ridding the house of mice on a few occasions, although we often joke that he may have just laid on them and smashed them.
The other two, Zombie and Sammie, were rescued from the streets as babies and now live a pretty cushy existence. Of course they would love to once again escape into the wilds and they often sit in the window or at the sliding door and look longingly at the outside world. I would like to construct what is known as a catio or cat patio for them where they could spend some time in the yard without worry of them disappearing, but as inside cats they have a much better chance of living as long as old Spider.
Maybe because they are inside cats they are most definitely people oriented. They love to be with us and never get tired of sleeping on a lap, sharing a recliner or simply hanging out wherever there is people action going on in the house. Of course that sometimes means cats lying on your laptop when you’re trying to work, cats thinking they should share your snacks, and a paw in your face in the morning when it’s past breakfast time. There is the plus side of never having a dull moment and never getting lonely, but every now and then I can’t help but find myself saying, “Please, just give me a dull moment!” I’m sure anyone who is owned by a cat finds them self saying the same thing.