Prayer to a Dog

I recently came across this on Facebook and thought I would share it. It is from the World Animal Foundation, and while it’s written to a dog, I think it can apply to any pet that brings joy and comfort to their human.
A Human’s Prayer to a Dog
1) Thank you for your bark.
2) Thank you for welcoming me home with a smile and a wagging tail.
3) Thank you for kisses and paws without asking.
4) Thank you for your silly antics.
5) Thank you for lying next to me.
6) Thank you for a cold wet nose.
7) Thank you for accepting me.
8) Thank you for adopting me.
9) Thank you for your patience.
10) Thank you for letting me be part of your life.

Love Forever, Your Human

While most of us with pets love them unconditionally and think they are the most wonderful animals in the world, sometimes we are so enamored of our furry kids that we don’t stop and think not everyone else feels this way. It is always up to us to make sure our pets act in a respectful manner to people and other animals, and to keep them welcome when out in public. That includes cleaning up after them and keeping them from offending someone who might not appreciate an unexpected encounter with an over-friendly dog. Of course dogs should always be kept on a leash when walking, but often I’ve had someone allow their dog to come up to mine without asking first if it’s okay. While your dog may be okay with it, mine might not. Little dogs especially can be skittish and become frightened of a larger dog suddenly invading their space. As with allowing children to pet a dog they don’t know, it’s always a good idea to ask before letting your dog approach another one. Another source of contention can be neighborhood cats that are allowed to wander and find their lunch at someone’s birdfeeder. People who like to feed the birds don’t appreciate someone’s cat stalking their feathered friends. Be mindful of this and avoid complaints that are never pleasant.

During this very cold weather, please remember that we need to be especially vigilant with outside pets. They must have shelter with warm, dry bedding, and fresh water available. Ideally, they should be brought inside when the temperatures dip below the zero mark, as the intense cold can be damaging to their lungs. Keeping pets away from frozen ponds, lakes, and rivers is important, as they can become stranded on ice floes or worse case, fall through the ice. No one wants their pet to be a victim of this danger.

On a lighter note, Saturday, February 21, Seven Star Rescue will hold their 2nd annual Fur-Ball Event at Hidden Pointe, 1062 Nickerson Ave., Benton Harbor. The theme is Mardis Gras and all proceeds will benefit Seven Star’s rescue and re-homing efforts. Cocktail hour begins at 6 pm., with a buffet dinner at 7pm. DJ, dancing, and a silent auction to follow. Cost is $25.00 per person. For more information, please visit,

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5 Comments on “Prayer to a Dog”

  1. Great tribute. My Mikey would appreciate your sentiments. He’s been gone nearly ten years now.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lucy. Good advice and your poem brought me precious memories of Heidi, our rescue we lost last summer. She was a big dog, German Shepherd, who was once terrorized by a Chihuahua (sp?) on a walk. The owner actually apologized to my husband.

  3. melissakeir Says:

    Wonderful post. Each of my furbabies has made a place in my heart. Even my daughter’s rat was special to me. 🙂

  4. Rohn, you never forget them. They always have a place in our hearts and memories. Melissa, I know what you mean. We had mice, teddy hamsters, and even hermit crabs that had a special place in the family. Some day I’ll tell the story of the .98 fish I spent $10 on to save from a weird fish disease.

  5. Diane Burton Says:

    Great post, Lucy. I disagree (a little) about the little dog/big dog confrontation. My experience has been that the little dog is the aggressor and the big dog backs off. Talk about intimidation. LOL

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