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Hanging with the Grand Dogs.

April 25, 2016

IMG_0275 IMG_2058

As I’m writing this, I’ve been caring for our tIMG_2062hree grand dogs for the past week and a half. While they have stayed here before, this is the longest they’ve been separated from their humans, and I have to say they have all done very well so far. Let me introduce you to gang.

Olive the Chihuahua at 14 is still a sharp little cookie. Her only age-related problem is she no longer hears very well, if at all, but it doesn’t stop her from enjoying life. She is a sturdy and active little walker and doesn’t seem to mind too much if the weather is on the cool side, she’ll still go walking with you. She does like to sleep under the covers and is happy to be a bed-warmer for anyone willing to let her snuggle in.

Fifi (my FooFoo’s sister) has had a little harder time adjusting, but to her credit she hasn’t sat looking out the window and falling asleep sitting up while waiting for her family to come home, as has happened other times. Fifi has a high energy level, and if you don’t walk her, you will pay the price! That’s not a bad thing, though, as she makes sure somebody takes her out walking every day. The minute the leash appears, she goes into a crazy dance and can barely sit still to be hooked up. If someone puts shoes and a coat on, she is ready to go. Fifi and Foo have spent some quality time sitting on the back deck and joining in the neighborhood bark.

Caesar is the elderly gentleman of the group and is a fine example of how to grow old gracefully. He needs a little help getting up and down stairs and takes meds for a heart condition and arthritis, but he is a happy little guy and loves to ride in his doggy stroller when we all go for a walk. He loves to be loved and enjoys his dinner immensely. A rescue group found Caesar as a stray in his younger days, and it’s hard to imagine who would have let this amiable fellow get away.

One thing is for certain, Foo Foo will miss them all when they go home later this week and will have the blues for a while. (Yes, dogs do get the blues.) So we think it’s time to find a new friend for her and we’ve started the search. The biggest requirement for a new addition to the family is MUST LOVE CATS, as well as other dogs. Resident felines Zombie and Sammie Sandwich do love dogs, so they will be happy to welcome a newcomer.

Speaking of cats, if you have one, or several, you might at times have an empty box or bag sitting around just because kitty likes to sit in it. I’ve always found it funny how they will hide in a box for hours, and a new box is better than a new toy. Now new research published in the Applied Animal Science Journal reports that cats in a Dutch animal shelter that were randomly given boxes to sit in had less stress and even less illness. The shelter cats provided with boxes recovered and adapted more quickly than those without boxes. More research is needed to determine long term effects, but perhaps if you have a new kitty in your house that is feeling some stress, giving him or her a box to hide in might be a simple and inexpensive way to help him cope.