The Newcomer

His name is Ace and he’s a little over a year old. He’s full of puppy energy and terrier mischief, and now he lives at our house! He came to us from Seven Star Sanctuary and Rescue,  and in just a short time he has become a member of the family. There was a little period of adjustment, as Foo Foo the Pomeranian and the cats Zombie and Sandwich learned to accept the newcomer, but now they are all friends and get along quite well. Sometimes there is a little craziness, as when cats decide to tease and lead Ace on a merry chase around the house. Then mom and dad have to get involved because he hasn’t quite learned how to control himself yet and ends up sitting on a cat. Sometimes there is yelping, when a cat has had enough and puts out a claw, but for the most part it’s all fun and games.
Ace looks forward to walks around the neighborhood and playing in his big backyard. He wasn’t too fond of the snow, but he loves to chase a tennis ball, though he hasn’t yet figured out he’s supposed to bring it back. He also enjoys chewing things, so we try to keep his rawhide bones and toys handy to discourage him from turning to less desirable targets. He’s learning little by little and we just need to have patience. Since we don’t know anything about his background, it’s hard to know what was expected of him in his early months…or not expected. He’s still a bit leery of other dogs, but he’s eager to learn how to fit into his new household.


All in all, he’s a good boy who just wants to be loved, as do all pets, and we’re glad he found his way to us. If you’re looking to add a new pet to your family, please remember to check out local rescues and shelters where many more pets are waiting for their forever homes.

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8 Comments on “The Newcomer”

  1. Diane OBrien Says:

    Thanks for sending Luce!!

  2. So glad Ace found such a good home 🙂

  3. Ace now has his forever home. Wonderful. Though I must say Foo Foo looks less than thrilled at sharing her bed with the newcomer. Rescue dogs are the best dogs. So appreciative. So sweet.

  4. jlm4302 Says:

    Ace is a lucky little guy having been adopted by you. We chatted recently about adopting rescue pets. Having had to put my little schnoodle Dickens to sleep after 17 happy years, I’ve been reluctant to adopt and become attached to another pet. We’ve owned other dogs before him, but Dickens was the pet of my heart. He was so special. Could another dog live up to his memory? Right now, my son’s golden doodle Buddy is filling the role of grandpuppy. I get my puppy fix when I visit and I pet sit Buddy whenever his family travels somewhere Buddy isn’t welcome. I suppose I’m not emotionally ready yet to bring another pet into my life on a permanent basis, but when I am it will definitely be a rescue. You have been a positive influence in that regard, Lucy.

  5. marissoule Says:

    I know how much you’ve missed Zeke. Ace will be a great addition to your family.

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