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Tips for Keeping Pets Safe at Halloween

October 26, 2021

Halloween, while a fun holiday, is also a time to take extra precautions to keep pets safe. Here are some helpful tips from the ASPCA and

Keep all candy out of reach of all pets. I discovered our cat Zombie likes candy corn and also the little chocolate miniature bars, so no more leaving them out in open candy dishes on the table. Make sure trick or treat bags of candy are also safely stashed. A good idea, in case someone manages to still find a forbidden treat, is to keep the ASPCA Poison Control number posted in an easily accessible place, like the refrigerator door. 1-888-426-4435.

If at all possible, keep pets inside in the days leading up to and the day and night of Halloween. There are many tales of animals being mistreated by cruel tricksters. Some may be urban legends, some may be true, but it’s best not to take any chances. Many shelters and rescues will not adopt out black cats right before Halloween for this reason. The many myths surrounding black cats are explained in detail at the Billings Animal Family Hospital website. As the owner of a black cat, I found it interesting to find out why they’ve been so misunderstood and maligned over the ages.

Untended candles and pets can be a recipe for disaster. If lighting up your jack-o-lanterns with candles, make sure to keep them away from pets. Better yet, if the pumpkins are inside, maybe use battery powered tea lites to make them glow.

Make sure pets are not able to escape out the door when greeting trick or treaters by putting them in a separate room or at least blocking their access to that open door. Increased foot and vehicle traffic on Halloween make the outside world unsafe for pets that night.

If your pet likes to dress up, make sure their costume is not constricting and that they can see and also relieve themselves with no trouble. If you plan to take them trick or treating with you, please keep them on a leash of no more than six feet and have some reflective material on their costume. Also, consider how your dog reacts to people in scary masks and costumes. If they are easily intimidated or may become upset perhaps it’s better to leave them home with a special treat of their own.

We all want Halloween to be a safe and fun time for everyone. Taking these few precautions will help keep it that way. 

Looks like maybe Zombie has found a place to hide out till Halloween is over!


No Fright Night for Pets

October 24, 2014

The Pet Corner

It doesn’t seem possible we are already a month into fall and that the holidays are approaching like high speed trains. Goblins will soon be knocking at your door, and when they do you’ll want to be prepared where pets are concerned. No one knows your pets better than you do so before the night arrives, it helps to think about how they will react to the strange sights and sounds that abound on Halloween. You might need to be especially vigilant about a pet that is new to the family, until you see if he is frightened or likes to join in the festivities. Regardless if your pets enjoy wearing their own costumes or prefer a quiet corner away from it all, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind to help keep them safe.
*While doors are opening and closing often make certain pets can’t escape. While it’s never a good idea for them to be running loose, it’s important to keep them inside on Halloween night. Pets left alone outside can become the victims of cruel pranks.
*As an extra precaution, you might want to keep outside cats inside for a few days before and after Halloween. Many shelters do not allow black cats to be adopted at this time, simply to prevent them from falling victim to cruelty. It’s a sad but true fact that cats are often abused just for fun.
*If they are frightened of or become aggressive at the sight of costumed children, it’s a good idea to keep pets secluded while you’re handing out the treats. Putting them in another room with the door closed and a radio or TV on can keep them from getting too upset and putting themselves or someone else in danger.
*A short walk earlier in the day, if possible, might be a better idea than trying to walk while neighborhood streets are busy.
*If your dog likes to accompany the trick or treaters in your family make sure he is on a leash and wears a reflective collar or something that will make drivers aware of his presence.
*If you do dress your pets in costume, make sure they fit and are comfortable and will allow pets to relieve themselves without problems.
*Keep all candy, especially dark chocolate, out of reach of pets. Have a few special treats just for them to enjoy while others are sampling the candy.
Since Halloween falls on a Friday this year, please be aware and alert the entire weekend for any dangers that might befall your pets. For other tips on keeping pets safe on Halloween, or on any holiday, please check out the website,
Have a fun and safe Halloween with your pets!