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Reading Subtle Signs

October 17, 2022

One thing you learn, if you live with animals long enough, is to pay attention to the subtle signs they give us. This especially applies when things are not well with them. Recently, our cat Zombie was acting out of sorts. Not wanting to eat (when he’s usually the first one in the kitchen at mealtime), sleeping all day, not even coming to bed at night but staying by himself in another room, as if moving was too much effort for him. Although he seemed to be improving by the second day, we decided a visit with the vet was a good idea, and fortunately we were able to get an appointment that afternoon. A couple of shots later, he is back to his normal self and up to his usual shenanigans. Zombie is prone to seasonal allergies and respiratory infections, so it was absolutely a good idea to not wait until he started showing obvious signs of illness. Since he’s a senior cat, we’re also going to try some arthritis medication, to see if that helps with mobility.

Most animals do not like to show outward signs of discomfort or sickness. Maybe a throwback to the wild when they couldn’t act ill for their own safety. Cats are even less apt to let you know when they don’t feel well. It is important to know a pet’s normal behavior and what is not, and I’ve always found it better to err on the side of caution than to wait too long. From Zombie’s bout with a former respiratory infection, I knew the signs, and I’m glad we had him see his vet (thank you Sunset Coast Veterinary Clinic!) before this incident could evolve into something worse.

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s also important to remember those cautions we’ve all heard many times. Keep candy away from pets. Put pets in a safe room during trick or treat hours, when doors are opening and closing frequently. Bring outside pets inside or at least place in a secure shelter, so as not to be at risk. Especially keep an eye on black cats (such as Zombie!) and protect them from nefarious pranks. It’s hard to say if the stories of black cats being the objects of cruel practices on Halloween are urban legends or sadly true, but why take that chance? Let’s keep Halloween a fun time and not one of searching for a missing pet.

From Zombie and Sandwich, Have a safe and Happy Halloween!